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Aren’t SmartPhones Considered
“Online” Too?


How About Shopping Bargains by SmartPhone?

Pay attention! We’re not saying bargains ON SmartPhones, but bargains FROM your SmartPhone. There are all kinds of smartphone apps (mostly FREE) that offer a great deal of assistance in your search for great shopping bargains.

A List of Best Prices On AND Offline

We found that online shopping bargains can be cleverly and easily obtained using the app called ShopSavvy. Once you install and activate this FREE app, a list of known bargain items (most with pictures of the label) starts to appear on your screen, one item at a time, down the page. You may select one of these items by tapping its picture, after which you will be shown a larger picture of the item label, a list of prices from online outlets, a list of local brick-and-mortar stores (if available) where the item can be found including the prices at these stores, and finally, a list of reviews by people who bought or used the item is presented. The items in all lists are shown in order by lowest-to-highest prices.

If you want the lowest prices for a specific item or brand name, you would use the ShopSavvy barcode scanner. This is done by holding your camera aperture over the item’s UPC code on the label. The scan is automatic when the barcode comes into focus on the Smartphone screen. As soon as the app takes the scan, the same information is presented: a picture of the label, online prices, local store prices, and product reviews.

Shown at right is an image of the main page of the ShopSavvy app showing the information on a 1.73LB of Folger’s Gormet Coffee. Tapping the top of three menu items presents a list of online prices. Selecting the second menu item will let you see the local store prices. And the last item is where the customer reviews are shown.

An Atlas of Mall Maps

If you’re walking to your shopping bargains, there is an app called FastMall which has maps of the major malls in most metropolitan areas. In addition to a list of stores in the mall and where they are located, all of the restrooms, elevators and food courts are shown. The “Where Did I Park” option uses GPS to keep track of your car out in the parking structure.

All Your Lists in One Hand . . . er, Phone

Need to keep track of multiple lists of shopping bargains? The Shopper app is your friend. The app has templates for lists of recipe ingredients or for each store. Using your phone’s camera, you can scan items directly from your pantry, or you can enter items as you market. Once your lists are made, Shopper searches for the availability of items at local food stores.

Whole New Meaning to “Phone It In”!

Finding the best online shopping bargains by “phoning it in” could help your shopping budget, at minimum, and save you some gas at best. And, guess what? All the apps mentioned above can be downloaded for FREE! For more details on these apps and how to get them, please see the web site where we got the idea at FOX News App Attack.



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The Deal You Never Got To See!

I’ll bet you didn’t even KNOW you missed Online Shopping Bargain’s Weekly Deal from Nerds.net a few weeks ago!  But, how could you, we never got the chance to put it online!

Weekly Deals Are Always Hot!

We’re talking about the 16GB flash drive that was selling for $27!  (Yes, that was the deal, $27 for a 16GB USB flash drive!)  But the market saw how ridiculously low the price was and these drives were gone in about 8 hours on first day of the offer.  We couldn’t even finish putting up our blog announcement before we saw the out-of-stock notice.  Maybe people think we’re kidding when we say “online shopping bargains” !?

Tech Markets Still Rule

So, what does all this tell us?  It tells us that the Law of the Marketplace still rules for tech deals.  What makes us say this?  Well, just take a look at the last two times when 16GB flash drives we’re on sale at Nerds.net.  Almost exactly a year ago, the third full week of October 2009, a 16GB Imation was the weekly deal at $66 (which incidentally, is just about the same price on today’s 32GB flash drives).  Then, the most recent offer prior to this one was 6 months ago during the week beginning April 11, when they had an EazyStore 16GB for $35.  As we recall, each of these two offers lasted online about the “normal” amount of time—just over a week.

Fastest Gun in the East

But, this latest flash drive offer (brandname: Transcend), which was about $10 LESS THAN the current going rate for a comparable flash drive, was just too much for the market. The deal was posted as being Out Of Stock about 9:00AM Eastern, just as we were attempting to put the ad up on our blog.

Don’t Miss the Next One

So, instead, all you get is this article.  We’re sorry . . .  But it makes us wonder just how much these will be selling for in the next 6 months.  Shameless Plug Here: That’s why you should bookmark us and keep checking for other hot tech deals!  (And . . . don’t forget their occasional clearance sales, either.)



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Shopping Bargains for the Kitchen!


Oh, Those Fun Daily-Deal Sites!

We’ve come across another one of those great “Deal of the Day” websites. In addition to shopping bargains at Woot.com and Nerds.net, we like the great deals at HousewaresDeals.com. It’s like they’re offering clearance sales every day on all those great “must have” kitchen and cookware items!

When you arrive at the HousewaresDeals site, you immediately see the shopping bargain of the day, which is always a brand name item from manufacturers like Farberware, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and others. You immediately see the new price on the displayed item and what the original price was, along with a digital countdown clock showing the time remaining until Cinderella’s coach turns back into a pumpkin. Should you want a closer inspection of the item, you roll your mouse over its image and an expanded view appears. The expanded view is live and will move with your mouse to show you every part of the item.

Discounts, and then . . . More Discounts!

HousewaresDeals.com shows us great examples of cheap deals daily, but then they have ways to increase the savings on their already low, discount shopping offers. For example, you start off with a daily deal that is typically 60% off the MSRP, but then they have another discount that will kick in if a designated number of sales are made during the day on this particular item. Over on the side of the web page is a Deals meter showing the number of sales needed to reach the extra discount level and how close they are to reaching that number. When we reviewed the site, the number of required sales for that item on that day was 15. Well, they had already reached 40 on the meter so everyone who purchased that item on that day got an additional amount reduced from their order.

If you enjoy eating and food preparation, do yourself a favor and check out the great shopping deals at HousewaresDeals.com. You’ll thank us for pointing them out to you. You’ll thank them for the shopping bargains they present on a daily basis.

May Your Bargains Always Be Bountiful,

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Throw More Shoes!

Can’t Have Enough Shoe Sites!

Another great shoe site! Yes, there are lots of places to buy footwear, but rather than letting my feet do the walking to the local mall for the latest in shoe fashions, I have found a really appealing footwear website, www.endless.com.

Endless.com has a great selection of shoes and since there is such a wide variety, they have made it easy for you to shop because you narrow the selections by style, manufacturer, size, price range and color. Not only do they have shoes for women, men, and children, but they also have a large selection of handbags and accessories. You can also do another type of search by clicking on their “Sale” tab or if you would like, click on the “Designer” tab for that really special pair of shoes.

All Shoes, All the Time

One of the most appealing features of this fabulous footwear fantasyland, in my estimation, is the fact that they offer free overnight shipping, free return shipping, 365-days returns and 100% price guarantee policies. They encourage users to submit suggestions to make improvements to the site, and shoppers can also submit comments.

Virtual ”Green” Shopping

There have been times that I have searched for a very specific type of shoe in a particular color in my desired price range, and I had tremendous success in finding exactly what I needed in a very short amount of time at endless.com. And remember, no shoe leather had been expended, no gas was wasted, no search for a parking spot was necessary, and no crowds were encountered! What a great way to shop!

I suggest you give them a try. You might find yourself swept off your feet when you find that perfect pair of shoes at the perfect price to place on them!

May Your Bargains Always Be Boutiful




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More Discount Shopping!

There’s that great word again: outlet.

Does your heart beat faster when you hear it? Caution! Discount shopping ahead!

One of our most interesting clothing outlet stores is www.OneHanesPlace.com and they carry some casual and workout apparel lines for women, men and children.  The clothing brands include Champion and Hanes.  They also carry women’s swimwear, hosiery (of course) and socks, and they have plus-size clothing as well as several lines of bras and lingerie, such as Playtex, and Bali. (I’m always particularly fond of their “buy two get one free bra promotions.”)

The very best part of OneHanes is that everything is really at discount prices.  They run lots of great sales and if you have a favorite bra style, and they carry it, you will really save a lot of money over the prices at your local mall.

They run special deals on “What’s New” – offering introductory prices on items new to their catalog.  This is a great way to experiment with a new style without paying full price.

Another great tab on this website is “Clearance”.  You can navigate through various clearance categories, from “$9.99 and under”, “Intimates Clearance”, “Apparel Clearance” and “All Clearance up to 75% off”. Each one offering discouont shopping deals in their particular genre.

The usual discount from retail is around 40%, but reductions can be even more when they run one of their special sales.  If you sign up for their e-mail alerts, they will notify you of all their upcoming promotions.


Items are shipped in a reasonable amount of time and if something happens to be back ordered, they let you know when they expect to ship it.  From my experience, they are true to their word.


We’re all trying to save money these days, aren’t we?  Why should we give up quality while we’re doing it?  This is one website that helps us accomplish that objective.

May Your Bargains Always Be Boutiful




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Style Conscious and Budget Conscious?

I love quality clothing, but I don’t love their prices.

Can you relate? 

I discovered Coldwater Creek, a quality women’s clothing website.  When I looked it over, I found a very interesting feature on their website, Coldwatercreek.com.  As you explore the tabs at the top of the web page, the next to last tab is “Outlet” and boy, can you save a ton of money there!  They have prices 60% to 80% lower than their regular prices in their outlet and these are very high quality clothes that are very well made and fit really well.  They also carry more than just clothing, as you will see.  Their Home & Gift tab, for example, lists things like candles and lighting, decorative items, entertaining, e-gift cards, gift cards, throws and pillows and wall décor.

If you click on the “Outlet” tab, (my favorite) there is a drop down list of the following:

60 to 80% savings
Top rated
Best sellers
Home & gifts


Reach Out and Touch . . .

You can sign up to receive their e-mail alerts and if you do, they will alert you when they are having a sale – usually a substantial sale – sometimes including free shipping at a certain price point.

Check them out and see if you agree with me!  Happy Outlet Shopping!

May Your Bargains Always Be Bountiful,



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